The Project

The BRIC-ITT project is a two-year Leonardo da Vinci funded project within the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme.

The key aim of the BRIC-ITT project is to improve the availability of training and to raise awareness on how to trade successfully in Brazil, Russia, India and China so that as many European SMEs as possible can access these emerging markets.

In order to achieve this, the partnership has developed an e-learning suite consisting of the following elements:

The BRIC-ITT e-learning suite is available in English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Romanian, Lithuanian and Portuguese.

Why is the BRIC-ITT Project needed?

The global recession has had a major impact on the profitability & competitiveness of European business. As a result, European SMEs are turning to the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India & China to stay competitive & avoid making workers redundant.

There are significant barriers which deter companies from exploring this opportunity. More introductory training for SMEs in trading with BRIC countries is needed, particularly guidance on long distance transport, language, trust, cultural differences, IPR, establishment of local networks, marketing techniques, tariffs & trade regulations.


The project is led by Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce and the partnership spans six European countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal & UK) and includes business intermediary organisations, an international business college and e-learning technology specialists.

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