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Enterprise Europe

NetworkHelp and advice for small firms in EU matters, including accessing markets both within the EU and beyond and applying for funding – the Enterprise Europe Network offers personal support through a network of local contact points. An online database also provides B2B contacts and information on funding.

Promoting international activities of SMEs

Going international means accessing new markets in the EU and beyond, but it also requires additional investments. How public authorities can reduce barriers to internationalisation - read more on this page.

Going global 

Opportunities await European small firms beyond the Single Market. Read more on market access, competition in the global marketplace and trade liberalisation.

Market access database (MADB)

The database gives key information to EU exporters on applied tariffs, import formalities, statistics and trade barriers and provides the possibility to report trade obstacles to the European Commission.

Trade Defence Instruments - ensuring fair trade for EU SMEs

Find out how to protect your company against trade defence measures, including subsidised and low-priced imports from non-EU countries, and what to do if you are exporting to a non-EU country and are affected by an anti-dumpinganti-subsidy or safeguard measures applied by that country.

Technical Barriers to Trade 

In order for EU small businesses to take full advantage of international trade, unjustified technical barriers need to be removed. Learn more about this international instrument on this website.

Funding through external cooperation programmes 

The EU's external aid programmes provide funding in the form of grants and public contracts.

European Customs Information Portal 

Information on the EU customs rules and procedures. If you want to import or export, don't miss the "model transactions" interactive customs scheme.

Taxation and Customs: electronic databases 

A list of all Commission databases related to customs and taxation.

Online customs tariff database 

This database covers all measures relating to tariff and commercial and agricultural legislation of relevance when importing or exporting goods to or from the EU.

Binding Tariff Information 

This is a tool to help enterprises obtain the correct tariff classification for goods they intend to import or export.

Doing business outside the EU 

Companies aiming to access markets outside the EU will find advice on this page. Information on the national aspects of this issue can be accessed via the right-hand navigation.

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The European IPR Helpdesk 

The European IPR Helpdesk provides direct support and advice in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues to beneficiaries of European Union (EU) funded projects focusing on Research and Technical Development (RTD) as well as Competitiveness and Innovation Programmes (CIP).

At the same time the European IPR Helpdesk provides direct support and advice to EU Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), including micro-enterprises, in general in the process of negotiating or concluding transnational partnership agreements, especially through the Enterprise Europe Network

International Trademark Association

The International Trademark Association (INTA) is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to the support and advancement of trademarks and related intellectual property as elements of fair and effective commerce. The Association offers a wide range of complimentary resources and information on the basics of trademarks, via a dedicated SME Portal at

European Business and Technology Centre in India

The Centre assists the business, science and research community in Europe and India, generating new business opportunities and technology transfer as well as promoting European clean technologies in India.

CWCC is a partner in the EBTC project, if you would like to participate in any other trade missions or exhibitions organised in India by the project, please, contact

Indian Chamber of Commerce

The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India

The India – Pakistan Trade Unit

You will find contacts to the different Chambers of Commerce in India. 

Indian Customs Tariff


UK India Business Council
UK Trade & Investment