The BRIC-ITT Website & Expert Video Feedback Questionnaire for SME’s

1 Your experience of the BRIC-ITT website
A guided hands-on session
A formal demonstration
An informal demonstration (e.g. watching a colleague)
Very GoodQuite GoodOKQuite PoorVery Poor
The overall presentation of the website is appealing
The website is easy to navigate
The website makes it clear what the project is about
The website makes it clear what learning resources are available and how to access them
The different elements of the learning suite (the knowledge database, the website, the interactive game and the expert videos) all complement each other well and provide a complete package
The links indicated to third party resources are relevant and well maintained
The website has opened my eyes to opportunities I had not previously considered
I would recommend the website to others
Already done soPlan to do soMay do so in futureNot done so & no plans
Seeking more background information on trading with BRIC countries
Attending a course on trading with BRIC countries
Seeking assistance from local experts (e.g. chamber of commerce)
Considered contacting and of the experts featured in the videos to ask their advice on topics not covered in their video
Recommending the BRIC-ITT game to colleagues

One of the key objectives of the BRIC-ITT e.learning suite is to bring together the necessary resources to influence potential traders to consider investigating their viability of approaching these new markets.

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