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Aliter - Escuela Internacional de Negocios, S.L.

Marta Galvez-Canero

Aliter - International Business School (, is an Spanish education company founded in 1999 and based in Madrid. Aliter has an humanistic philosophy and is specialized on enterprise development, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Women & Leadership, Wine, International Trade and the Economy in this new age of globalization, among others. The main focus are on the one hand on university students without any professional experience and on the other hand on professionals with at least five years of experience pertaining to micro, small and medium scale enterprises, cooperatives, community economic development etc. Aliter counts with around 150 students per year and attracting talented students from over 20 countries, it also counts with a team of 250 highly qualified professors coming from the enterprise world, avoiding the merely academic classes and therefore fomenting the transmission of the knowledge through their real experience.