BRIC-ITT Stakeholder Feedback

1. Opinion of the website
Disagree StronglyDisagreeNeutralAgreeAgree Strongly
The overall presentation style of the website is appealing
The website is easy to navigate
The website helps to make it clear what the project is about
The website makes it clear what learning resources are available and how to access them
The advice given by the country experts helped to highlight some important details which need sufficient consideration at the planning stage
I would recommend the website to others
2. Reaction to online course materials resource
Disagree StronglyDisagreeNeutralAgreeAgree Strongly
The BRIC-ITT course materials covered most of the key issues that an exporting SME would need to know about for developing a trading strategy with a BRIC based company
The BRIC-ITT on-line course presentation style was appropriate for the intended audience
The modular course structure was logical and easy to follow
The information provided in the BRIC-ITT course modules was useful and relevant
The individual topics need to be covered in greater detail
I would like to see a wider range of international trading topics covered
3. Experience of using the BRIC-ITT Game
Disagree StronglyDisagreeNeutralAgreeAgree Strongly
The BRIC-ITT Game was interesting and informative.
I like the overall look and feel of the BRIC-ITT Game
The BRIC-ITT Game was easy to navigate
The BRIC-ITT Game instructions were clear and easy to understand
The BRIC-ITT Game contains information and advice that will be useful for small companies
The BRIC-ITT Game is user friendly and visually attractive
The BRIC-ITT Game taught me some new aspects about international trade, marketing and product development that I did not know before
The BRIC-ITT Game was fun and interesting to play
The BRIC-ITT Game is well designed
4. Thoughts on the idea of a Knowledge Base Resource
Disagree StronglyDisagreeNeutralAgreeAgree Strongly
The BRIC-ITT Knowledge Base provides a very useful resource for further information on trading with Brazil, Russia, India and China
Information on existing international trade websites is sufficient for my needs
International trade advice & assistance provided by Chambers of Commerce & government agencies is sufficient for my needs
5. Overall comments about the BRIC-ITT deliverables as a whole
Disagree StronglyDisagreeNeutralAgreeAgree Strongly
Using the BRIC-ITT training resources will help our members or clients to prepare themselves to trade one or more of the BRIC countries
I would recommend friends and business contacts to use the BRIC-ITT training resources
Computer based / on-line resources are not a suitable format for providing international trade training
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